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On social media, you can even "buy popularity" itself to order.

Not a few individuals who are hungry for popularity and ambition to become famous figures. On social media, you can even "buy popularity" itself to order. When there are people who are willing to take reckless actions for the sake of content, it is no longer surprising. Those who are keen to see business opportunities, know very well how to take advantage of these individuals.


The business of selling followers and likes on social media is not a new thing in Indonesia. The seller of followers and likes on Instagram with the account name, claims to have been in this business since 2018.


The sales rate is adjusted to the number of followers ordered by an account. The cheapest price is IDR 60 thousand, where you can get an additional 500 followers, while to buy 5,000 followers, you have to prepare IDR 500 thousand. For the rate of selling likes for a post, you need to pay IDR 35 thousand to get 500 likes on a post, but if you want 5,000 likes you have to spend IDR 250 thousand. In a day, he can get hundreds of orders.


The customers are also diverse, including artists, celebrities, and a number of accounts that have blue ticks on Instragam. However, it turns out that his business is not only on Instagram, he also sells followers on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube. In fact, this business is also used by those who sell on the E-Commerce platform.


"If it's crowded, a day can get 3 to 7 million rupiah. A month sometimes 60 million rupiah," said the figure who did not want to be named.


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