Business idea: cleaning jewelry with ultrasound

Anything new that improves our quality of life automatically promotes new business. "This is proven by scientific and technological progress, which has become the real engine of the world economy," business philosopher Mike Peterson once wrote. This is fully true both for global projects, like the IT industry in general, and for a wide variety of devices, including those for household services.

In particular, ultrasound, which is actively used in technological control and medicine, can, for example, clean electronic circuit boards, machine parts and ... jewelry. That said, the advent of inexpensive, purpose-built devices can be seen as a source of revenue. "It's a paid option that any jewelry store owner should have," believes English networker John Pak. If that's the case, why not talk about it, especially since it costs a mere penny to start.

A little bit of theory

Each of us in most cases is a "populi increduli" - that is, belongs to the population of mistrustful people (lat.). Isn't it a familiar situation, when we are not sure about something, but a firm and convincing answer of the interlocutor will instantly tip the scales of our doubts in his side. Therefore, deciding to make money on ultrasonic cleaning jewelry, you need to be grounded in theory, at least a little bit to convince the customer. After all, we are talking about things expensive in the literal and figurative sense for the client - the rings with precious stones, gold chains, family earrings with turquoise, left by great-grandmother ...

"I came to the jewelry store. I really wanted to clean my mother's chain," recalls Alyona Osina, a student from Moscow. - I asked how the device worked. The clerk shrugged, but I felt bad and left. Why do they not know anything? This is not a button.

So when asked if the ultrasound will really bring back the former shine and not damage the jewelry, you should answer convincingly, with knowledge.

"I explain that this cleaning is designed to remove contamination in places where it is difficult, such as miniature grooves, in places where precious stones are attached," says Irina Maltseva, owner of the jewelry store. - The effect is achieved by ultrasonic vibrations at a frequency of 40-80 KHz, which cause cavitation of the cleansing liquid, i.e. bubbles. The very same bubbles which, by disintegrating, release mechanical energy sufficient to break the bonds between the dirt and the object.

What you need to know about devices

The premise is that the income from cleaning jewelry, can only be ancillary. "The price list of services starts at 100 rubles," explains Irina Maltseva. - For me, it is exclusively option business. The main income I get from the core business, but the money is never redundant.

For cleaning require ultrasonic bath, which you can buy through an online store. "I ordered through mysku, I received in a month - wrote forum resident. - "The Chinese" cost 34 bucks, which is quite adequate money.

For $275 you can buy a professional GemOro UltraSpa (excluding shipping costs). In addition to the ultrasonic generator, it has an optional steam cleaner, which allows you to use only water, without any additives.

"Emeralds, opals, pearls and jade, which are soft gems, need a special program," explains sales manager Sergey Vinnik, "and products with glued stones should not be cleaned with ultrasound at all. Always read the instructions carefully. If something is not clear, ask a specialist.

"And I foolishly ruined my bathtub, throwing there copper coins for cleaning, - complains forum member humka. - The solution contained salts, which resulted in a galvanic battery. Now at the bottom of the tub appeared microperforations permeable water. So do not let the metals touch the bottom. Use a perforated plastic container-gasket, it, by the way, is included.

Advice from the store manager

Let's turn to the jewelry store owner Oleg Akopov to share his experience. A few of his tips we have quoted.

"To get something, you have to give something first. A new customer small gold items as a gift cleaned for free. Thus, made myself a small advertisement. Customers did not go right away. C'est la vie."

"Excellent results are achieved when jewelry is cleaned in an ultrasonic bath with special solutions, I add "Mr. muscle for glass" to the water.

"I bought an ultrasound bath for cleaning jewelry for 7 thousand rubles. It seems to have paid for itself in a couple of months, despite the fact that at first there were few customers. At the same time silly to buy this device for individual needs, unless, of course, you're not a dollar millionaire.

Thus, a brief analysis of this business idea shows that, as a paid option in a jewelry store, it really has the right to a stable income with a minimal start-up capital.


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