Business idea retail sale of board games!!!

Retail sales of board games!

Statistics show that the more the industry of tired computers and gadgets develops, the more people begin to show interest in board games that allow not just "kill" time, but spend it with the benefit of communication with family and friends. The popularity of board games is growing at a tremendous rate and, accordingly, the demand for these products is increasing from year to year. Opening your own company specializing in the sale of board games, you can build a profitable business.

The target audience of the novice businessman is very wide and varied. Agree, board games for everyone, both adults and children. But the main buyer activity is usually men and women 25-35 years, married couples with children.

To implement the project would need from 600 000 to 1 500 000 rubles, depending on the format of the store you have chosen. There may be several variants. This is a standard outlet (from 20 to 70 sqm), and the format of the "island" (from 5 to 12 sqm), and the format of the store-club, which will not only sell the game, but also carry out thematic festivals, games, workshops, tournaments, etc. (from 70 sq.m.). It is necessary to choose the location wisely: the store must be located in close proximity to high foot traffic, public transport stops, universities, cinemas, catering facilities. If you are planning to rent space in a mall, keep in mind that the outlet should not be located higher than the third floor, and it is desirable to have famous brand stores with clothing, footwear, and technology nearby.

In order to interest the customer audience, pay special attention to the design of the store. The optimal solution - appeal to a professional designer, capable of creating a non-standard, bright, memorable design and convenient shop equipment.

The maximum markup for board games is about 80%. Taking into account all the costs, the profitability level of the project reaches 45%. If everything is done correctly, you can recoup your investment in time for 12-18 months. But it should be understood that independently to achieve such indicators is not easy. Firstly, in practice it is rarely possible to make the maximum markup without exceeding the market price of the goods. Secondly, there may be problems with drawing up a matrix and selection of assortment, because there are a lot of board games and offers suppliers are very extensive, and in all this splendor is easy to get confused, and not really picking up the correct product positions. In addition, you will need to think through your own marketing strategy and popularize board games in your city. You will also need their own forces to teach employees the rules of new board games. Later you will need an online store and a loyalty system for regular customers of the store, which is also difficult to develop from scratch. Fortunately, there are already successful companies in the board games market that have ready-made solutions for all these tasks.

If you are not yet quite sure of your abilities, it may be worth considering the option of buying a franchise - it will greatly facilitate life for a beginner in entrepreneurship.


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