Business ideas in the field of production

Small business and manufacturing are a sought-after and popular area of investment. But where to find business ideas in the field of production?


The manufacture of various goods in the conditions of an ever-changing and rapidly changing national market is the most efficient type of business activity capable of bringing stable and constant income, the size of which depends solely on the size of production and the strategic plan of the enterprise.


In the conditions of import substitution, business production forms the right economic relations not only between contractors, but also in the interaction of companies with their customers. With the right choice of the manufactured product, a speedy entry into the market is provided. In the future, you can also aim for profitable relationships with external partners.


In order to find out what promising production areas exist, we have collected the most attractive areas of investment for small and medium-sized businesses. Some of the ideas can be implemented at home, while others need a specially designated place. However, investments in such business ideas of production are minimal, and profitability, with the right organization, is high.


Rabbit breeding

Rabbits, as you know, are not only valuable fur, but also easily digestible dietary meat, which is in great demand. Experts predict that only in 2020-2021 the demand may increase threefold and such a mini-production promises to be profitable.


Advantages of rabbit breeding:


      Minimum initial investment;

      Proven and studied technologies of maintenance and breeding;

      Low saturation of the market with meat;

      Productivity – 20-30%;

      Return on investment - 3-5 years;

      The animals are prolific and only in one year a female can grow up to 8 times;

      Two areas of activity are the production of meat and skins, that is, waste-free production;

      You do not need to have special expensive equipment or special knowledge;

      Mini production is suitable for development at home.

Rabbit meat is rarely found on the shelves, so the cost of a kilogram is high, it is profitable, considering that the cultivation of domestic hares is not expensive. The cages needed for maintenance are made independently from inexpensive materials, some breeds can be bred in pits.


Furniture manufacturing

In the Russian market, the manufacture of frameless and wicker furniture is rapidly developing today. Various poufs of non-standard sizes and configurations, oversized armchairs with a bright design that look harmoniously in children's rooms, sports and gaming halls and even in offices are popular.


To start a mini-production, you need to find a suitable room for the manufacture of furniture, purchase sewing equipment. You can start by yourself, but with the expansion of the business, you will have to hire additional staff.


The manufacture of furniture and decorative items from woven vines is an ecological production, that is, what is quoted on the market at the highest rates. You can start working at home, in the country or in a small free room. The most serious problem will be the purchase of raw materials, but if you harvest the vine yourself– you can get an autonomous business, independent of external factors.


Advantages of furniture manufacturing:


      Minimum investment;

      Complex and expensive production lines are not needed;

      Large sales market;

      Productivity – 25-35%;

      Return on investment - 3-5 years;

      You can offer customers a huge variety of products and accept specific orders;

      Mini production is suitable for development at home.

This business is convenient because you can find customers on the Internet and for this you do not need to create your own website, it is enough to place ads or product positions on the appropriate online platforms. You can also sign a contract with furniture stores, which will be engaged in the promotion and sale of products.


Production of bioplastics products

The BIO topic is relevant and in demand. In the light of recent events and the rejection of plastic products, a new direction – bioplastics - is gaining tremendous popularity. For a business idea, the production of biological rapidly degradable plastic is a project that promises success.


The material is made from vegetable fats and oils, microbiomaterials (special microorganisms), starch, secondary agricultural products, cellulose, biopolymers.


Advantages of bioplastics products:


      Constant growth in demand;

      The ability to create a wide range of products: tableware, toys, packaging, bottles, glasses, medical products, as well as raw materials for 3D printers;

      Harmlessness to the environment;

      For mono production, use a large list of agricultural products such as corn, cassava roots, sugar cane, cellulose.

Production of rubber tiles

In continuation of the environmental theme - the recycling of car tires and the manufacture of rubber tiles for playgrounds and sports grounds, the formation of suburban or park paths and sidewalks. The product is suitable for works on the improvement of swimming pools, artificial ponds, places of recreation on the beach. Rubber can also be used indoors for covering the floors of swimming pools, saunas. A specially prepared base is not needed for laying, as the tile can be installed on sand, gravel, wood, concrete, stone.


Such a mini-production for small businesses is easy to organize, since the issue of providing raw materials disappears, since rubber is made in the process of recycling worn-out tires, from which tire crumbs are made. It retains all the properties of rubber and is a raw material for all kinds of products, including tiles.


Advantages of Rubber tiles:


      Durability (at least 15 years);

      Anti-slip effect, injury protection;

      Aesthetics, by adding pigments, you can set all kinds of shades;

      Resistance to low and high temperature indicators;

      Resistance to decomposition, mold, mechanical influences;

      Resistance to high operational loads.

Taking into account that only 20% of car tires are recycled and sent for recycling, the raw materials market is almost inexhaustible. The manufacturing technology is simple, the equipment is affordable and does not belong to the expensive segment. As the production capacity grows, the range can be easily expanded.


Confectionery business

It is known that the worse things are in the country, the richer the confectioners become. Ideas for small businesses based on the manufacture of sweets are profitable even in a crisis. Due to the specification, such production has a lot of advantages and is able to provide a constant income regardless of the time of year, in some periods the profit will grow, or rather on the eve of the holidays. Such a business is capable of generating income, even in conditions of fierce competition.


However, even if the activity develops in a small home confectionery, it is necessary to comply with sanitary and hygienic rules, provide the production room with running water and sewerage, electricity, refrigeration equipment and a small storage room.


Features of the confectionery business:


      The widest range of sweets that can be produced according to traditional recipes or according to personally developed technical regulations that are used only in this confectionery. That is, in addition to classic sweets, consumers can be offered those that will be bought only here and nowhere else;

      It is possible to organize production with the expectation of a mass buyer, and to organize conditions for packaging, storage and transportation of products, as well as retail and serve individual private buyers;

      Ease of organizing a marketing campaign and advertising;

      Availability of raw materials;

      The payback period of mini-production is 1-1.5 years, however, it depends on the scale of production and the effectiveness of the implementation of the business strategy.

For the organization of an average workshop, the investment amount will be about half a million rubles, which is needed to purchase the necessary automated equipment. For home-made pastry shops, in which the emphasis is placed on manual production, the cost is several times lower, since an oven, a workplace and a refrigerator are needed.


Production of lego bricks

Construction materials are in great demand. Modern construction offers new technologies for the construction of houses and structures that simplify the process, reduce the cost by saving on labor resources and the cost of building materials. The innovations of the market include lego bricks, which, however, managed to win a large circle of professionals who appreciated their advantages:


      Durability and resistance to operational loads;

      High noise and thermal insulation parameters;

      Ease of use and speed of construction of walls and partitions;

      Does not require maintenance and regular maintenance;

      Environmental friendliness;

      Resistance to open flame and so on.

To implement the business idea of production, it is necessary to organize a production line consisting of a manual or electric vibrating table, matrix, raw materials. Lego bricks are made of clay, sand, cement. On a vibrating press, you can also produce products such as paving stones, bricks, building blocks – you need to change the matrix. Thus, it is possible to diversify the product line and occupy a more solid niche in the market.


For smooth operation, it is necessary to involve at least two more workers who will work in shifts (average productivity of 1300-1500 bricks per shift). The return on investment is a maximum of 3-4 months, but this period can be easily shortened.


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