By performing this simple ritual, wishes will come true "by click

The candles and honey are the favorite witchcraft paraphernalia of centuries past and today. The candles are the most popular magic attribute of the past centuries and of our days. The "sweet" rituals allow to dispose others to you and to involve on the party. Sources of fire, whose color corresponds to the intentions, strengthens the energy flows in the chosen direction. The technique has been passed down and perfected over the centuries.

How sweet magic works

A ritual jar of honey is used to improve relationships with others, strengthening existing bonds and rapprochement. The attribute can serve as a charm potion and a means of establishing beneficial contacts. No one knows for sure how many former spouses came back to their families, and new novels were started thanks to it. In this way, business people can improve the situation in the work team, establish valuable cooperation, and in difficult situations, placate representatives of government agencies. The performed ritual serves as a pledge of success before an important meeting. This is a good help for those who study or are interested in self-improvement.

Here's what you should do first:

1) write three times on a piece of paper the name of the "dream come true" participant; 2) turn the sheet of paper 90 degrees and write your name also three times perpendicular to the previous inscriptions; 3) write your wish on the same paper, without taking off your hand; 4) fold the sheet and drown it in a jar with your fingers; 5) lick your fingers, saying what a wonderful relationship you will have with the person mentioned. The name of each person to whom the incantation is addressed is written on a separate sheet. A sentence written without a pencil can be corrected at the end of the main text: one can place upper characters or punctuation marks to make everything look literate and aesthetically pleasing. To activate energy flows, only vital forces of the conductor and natural elements are involved, so the technique is natural and safe even for beginners.

How to proceed The container should be closed with a lid with a smooth surface and a candle should be placed and lighted on it, the color of which also has a meaning: 1) red - to attract the object of passion; 2) pink - for unconditional love, which may be used by parents wishing good to their children; 3) green helps in financial matters; 4) brown is used when one has to deal with lawsuits or deal with officials; 5) blue promotes spiritual growth and progress in learning.

Black and white sources of live fire stand apart. The white ones are neutral, they can be used when in doubt about the choice of color. The black ones are suitable only for those who have decided to take up occult practices. The ritual is also effective, but it should not be carried out more often than once in seven days.

If the candle is small, you should wait until it burns to the ground, a voluminous candle can be extinguished and left for another session, if necessary. It is best to extinguish the flame with dry fingers. Blowing out or extinguishing with water is not recommended, so as not to create a conflict of the element of fire with water or air flow and not to waste precious energy on unnecessary contradictions. Honey is placed away from prying eyes in a secluded place, when the intention is fulfilled, it will be suitable for food. The ritual acquires its greatest power after sunset. If it is aimed at creation or a new beginning, the most suitable time is a new moon. When something needs to be destroyed or completed, incantation should be made on the waning moon.


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