Cabbage in a Jar in Brass in the Winter

White cabbage 500 gr

Carrots 1 pc.

Garlic 3 cloves

Bay leaf 3 pcs.

Peppercorns 5 pcs.

Water 0.5 l

Salt 1 table l

Sugar 1.5 tablespoons

Table vinegar



Step 1. Let's prepare the ingredients according to the list. There are many different recipes for harvesting cabbage for the winter: salting, pickling and pickling. One easy way is to pickle in a quick way. We clean the head of white cabbage of a late variety from the top dry leaves, cut out the stump, finely chop the cabbage with a knife or rub it on a grater.


Step 2. Wash carrots, peel and grate, or finely chop with a knife. Cut the garlic into slices and small cubes.


Step 3. Put the vegetables in a deep bowl and mash with clean hands so that they let the juice out. In advance, you need to sterilize the container for salting cabbage, wash glass jars with soda solution and sterilize in one of the convenient ways: in a water bath, in a microwave oven or in an oven.


Step 4. We put the vegetable mixture tightly in jars, morning each slicing layer with a spoon or a crush. We fill the cans up to the shoulders. Cooking the brine. Pour hot water into a saucepan, add sugar and salt, dissolve, bring to a boil, put bay leaf, pour in vinegar. Let the brine boil.


Step 5. Pour cabbage in jars with boiling brine. Cover the jar with a lid and leave it at room temperature for a couple of hours. Then we seal the jar and store it in a refrigerator or other cool place. In brine in a cool place, cabbage will be stored for quite a long time. In winter, it will remain to supplement it with finely chopped onions, season with vegetable oil and you will get a delicious salad. Bon Appetit!

Salted cabbage is very useful, so even doctors recommend eating it in autumn and winter. It is rich in vitamin C, therefore it strengthens the immune system and is a good prophylactic against colds. It contains potassium, which is necessary to improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system, nervous system, and kidneys. However, you need to be careful with this product for those who are not recommended to include food containing a significant amount of salt in the menu, because there is a lot of it in such a product.


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