Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 6 The Heat Update Sees The Return Of Zombies, New Weapons, Maps And More

Call of Duty: Mobile’s Season 6 update is now live for all players. As with all updates, players are in for a bunch of notable additions such as new maps, weapons and events. However, the new update will also see the much-awaited return of Zombies to the game. This new mode returns as Zombies Under Siege. It is a completely different take as compared to the Zombies mode that was initially a part of the game. This time around, the mode is set in the Isolated map from Battle Royale and tasks players with gathering resources during the day, and defending control centers at night.

The Heat Update

The new update also introduces another interesting feature. The Heat update will see the addition of a new system for the game. This feature will see players spending Fuel in order to stay as long as possible in battle. There will also be a new item called Boosters that will provide players with extra time in the day. The Boosters can be found by completing challenges. If you have an optional tool called the Cool Down Jammer, you can use this tool to charge your cooldown timer. New weapons To bolster the appeal of the new Zombies mode, we have new guns as well. There will be five guns introduced. These are the DMR, a SMG, a 5.56 variant of the Light Machine Gun, the Heavy Machine Gun, the Pocket Snipe, and the Flare Gun. New weapons added in new game mode.


New Events

In celebration of the Zombies return, four new events will be added into the game for players to enjoy. These events are called Survival Retreat, Don’t Retreat, Cry Havoc, and Combat Retreat. The first two events include Cascades and Operatives Retreat. While the former allows players to earn daily rewards like coins and Diamonds, the latter rewards players with credits. Coming up with the cry Havoc event, players will now have a chance to receive 50 Call to Arms points in addition to Diamonds for any player death that occurs within 15 seconds of starting a round. Similar to Survival Retreat, this event is available for players to participate for two weeks. Zombies Returns Zombies is back as Zombies Under Siege.


New Weapons

Earlier, Call of Duty: Mobile released its First-person Shooter Map: Montana. According to Gamespot, this new map is the first to be available in the new Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6 update. However, players can also try out their hands on two other new weapons. A new rocket launcher and a Pulse-powered rifle are also available in the game. New Map For the second time, Call of Duty: Mobile is bringing back one of its classic map from the past.



Under Siege, also referred to as Seige, returns to Call of Duty: Mobile for a short duration to coincide with the release of Season 6. The Under Siege mode isn’t the only new map coming to the game, as Command and Conquer: Rivals will also be added to the game. A new patrol called the Med City was added to the game, and now will be replaced by Command and Conquer: Rivals. This new map includes a “hot zone” in the middle. Weapons This season, players will be able to unlock all the newest guns in Call of Duty: Mobile. This includes the Nuketown Redline, the ACR M4, Warhawk 7.62 (suppressed variant), Pulse Rifles, Storm Rifles, Grenade Launchers and the Tactical Flashbangs. Furthermore, the popular Adder and Tac-19 will also be making a comeback.


The Return of Zombies

Zombies under Siege isn’t a solo endeavour. Instead, players have to team up with one another in order to win the match. However, those that prefer to play alone can still play this mode by summoning help in the form of Zombies or other mobile heroes. There’s also an emphasis on teamwork in this mode as players will have to team up to ensure they can win their matches. But you can also still go it solo by summoning a powerful Zombie. The new map is Isolated, which isn’t quite a brand new map. However, it’s a nice update to the overall map game. It’s much more packed and gives players a greater amount of room to maneuver. The map itself looks absolutely massive and features enough room for verticality and spikes.


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