Cameroceras: In the dark era, when there were no fish yet, the ocean was ruled by a 10-meter kraken in the form of a cone

“There are no fish, but you hold on,” said Mother Nature 470 million years ago and launched giant cephalopods into the oceans . It was so fortunate that they ruled the seas for the next 50 million years! And today we will talk about a beast that could terrify to this day. Meet cameroceras - prehistoric kraken 10 meters long!

To begin with, the generic name is a big wastebasket for taxonomists. Like the diagnosis "vegetative-vascular dystonia" in modern medicine, when the essence of the phenomenon is not clear, but somehow it is necessary to designate it. So in any incomprehensible situation, the owner of a huge cone-shaped shell will be attributed to Cameroceras .

A relative of modern octopuses, cuttlefish and squid looked very impressive. The animal was hiding in a shell up to 10 meters long ! Grabbing tentacles protruded from under the shell-armor, in the depths of which a powerful beak was hidden .

These extinct triangles can truly be considered Bermuda - all prehistoric fauna disappeared in their depths. Frisky enough shells of trilobites and  merostomes clam ground into dust . Moreover, primitive animals themselves went to the cameroceras in the mouth. The prehistoric kraken lay at the bottom and waited for inattentive prey to enter the radius of destruction.

At the same time, it is unclear how the titanic mollusk found its prey. There is a widespread point of view that his eyesight was poor . At the same time, modern predatory colleagues of Camerocerases rely on the eyes first of all during the hunt . Someone can distinguish colors, someone can accumulate and filter light at depth. And since no one found the petrified eyes of the Cameroceras, the question remains open. No body - no action.

What does this story teach us? In the legends of deep antiquity, in the affairs of bygone days, nothing is clear. But very interesting!


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