Can Fast Charging Your Smartphone Will Reduce Battery Life?


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Currently there are various smartphone brands offering fast charging technology in their smartphones. Initially it was a trend in technology that was primarily integrated for the flagship or premium devices but that barrier is broken. Even the budget segment smartphones have fast charging technologies and it is legitimitate that Realme has provided 65 watt fast charging under 15000 smartphone.

All of those numbers seems fascinating which are significantly describing the scope of fast charging a particular smartphone. But thinking beyond this astonishing technology there is some sort of reliability factor that strikes in our head and we generate a tendency of thinking about the uncertainty regarding the battery life. It can be said that somewhere it might affect the battery performance if considered in the real time scenario and with future aspects it will definitely influence the charge retention capacity of the battery.


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Before all that there is one major thing that is acknowledged with respect to fast charging of a battery and that is the consumers usage of a smartphone for a particular interval of time. It is expected that an individual user will use a budget segment smartphone for maximum 4-5 years or in some cases less than 4 years. Hence taking account of such parameter of usage by an average number of users, it becomes a base for a brand to implement the type of battery in their smartphone.


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As a result it becomes redundant to think about the battery life because it is designed to last for an expected amount of time. Though the battery performance can be increased by slow charging using a conventional charger. The software optimization by the company itself drives the performance and life of the battery to a better state which is also an important factor and cannot be neglected. In future we can expect a better efficiency in the battery sector of smartphones and it will eventually reduce the burden of charging our smartphones.


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