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Can it be true??

 We all have seen magnet in many electric appliance and in many other places. But do you know how it works? Yeah! its simple, it is used in speakers, to attarct metals and so on... If I say you are wrong then?? 

You are not completly wrong, your answer touches some point about it. If I say magnet can produce electricity, do you believe? Possibly you may not believe, but it is true magnet can produce electricity and viseversa. Magnet can produce current by the help of magnetic line of force. What is magnetic line of force?? Simply, its imaginary line that is produced around a magnet to a region upto where its strength exist.

Using the similar concept we can make magnet in our home!!

Please follow the steps:

  1. Take an copper wire non  insulated
  2. Take an iron nail (5-6cm long)
  3. Wind the wire along the length of nail
  4. Take a battery for power supply 
  5. Give power supply to both end, no need to worry fire case will not be seen
  6. Put some iron clips at tip of nail 

Wow!! its amazing, clips are attracted toward nail.


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