Candied dates and banana

Cheesy candy with dates and banana in coconut shavings. 

How to make healthy candy with your own hands in minutes? It's easier than that. Here is a recipe for healthy rawfood candies - with banana and dates. 


1. Ingredients:


Ripe banana 1 pc.

Dates (or thick jam) 80 g

Any nuts 100 g

Coconut shavings 30 g

Recipe for making rawfood candies:


Crush the banana with a fork to a pulp. 

2. crush the nuts in a mortar or blender - you can do it in smaller or larger pieces. 

3. In the banana pulp add dates soaked in warm water (remove their seeds), mix thoroughly. Add nuts and coconut. Once again, mix well. 

4 Now form the candies. Prepare a plate on which to pour a couple of tablespoons of coconut shavings. Also need a bowl with warm water - it will be wet your hands before you roll the ball candy, so the mass does not stick to your hands.


Roll balls of banana-finilla mass and roll them in coconut shavings. 

Rawied candies of bananas and dates with nuts are ready! Bon appetit!


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