Capricorn woman and Pisces man compatibility of signs

A Pisces man is romantic, sociable and attractive. He is an interesting conversationalist, a gentle gentle gentleman and a caring husband. Can be indecisive, doubt the choice, but if you are sure of the goal, active and persistent. 

Capricorn woman is practical, goal-oriented, confident. Leader, strong, but sensitive to criticism. Intelligent, versatile, appreciates stability, but ready for new emotions and experiences.

Once you meet a Pisces man, a lady born under the sign of Capricorn will finally believe in true love, which will help her discover herself from a whole new side. She will no longer want to argue, to convict in treason and prove something. And even if he is married and she is not free, they will not be able to resist that all-encompassing feeling that will burst between them from the very first meeting. They can live together for dozens of happy years, or they can separate in a couple of months, unable to cope with routine and everyday life. But no matter how much time fate gives them, they will enjoy every moment, giving each other love and tenderness.

A good starting point for a relationship would be socializing in the same company. Capricorn has a hard time asking for help, but Pisces likes to help others - it makes him feel noble and strong. He will be pleased if a woman like Capricorn appreciates his knowledge and needs his support.

How a Capricorn woman can win a Pisces man?

A young Pisces man is unlikely to pay attention to a reserved and modest Capricorn lady, because he likes "burning", spectacular and bright personality, relations with which will be built easily and effortlessly. Consider all the advantages of such a lady, he will be able to only after he hits a couple of bumps, in the form of a broken marriage or a failed love experience. He will not be able to resist when he realizes how stable and calm life can be next to a confident Capricorn woman. A Capricorn woman may marry on the basis of a settlement, and then realize the value of feelings when she meets a Pisces. She needs to get rid of her adolescent maximalism and realize the value of personal relationships, to reconsider her priorities in order to allow feelings to arise.

A woman should not show ostentatious coldness and inaccessibility. Pisces will not feel Capricorn's interest if she will express it only in a look, friendly communication and a smile. This is a lot for her, but Pisces needs frankness, recognition, he wants to experience the feeling that he is special. Capricorn will have to take a risk and open up if she wants to try and win over a romantic and sensual man.

How a Pisces man can win a Capricorn woman? 

Pisces often fall in love with a Capricorn at first sight - the woman is graceful, self-confident, and the fact that she allows a man to command herself brings a Pisces man to a special delight. He feels strong and invincible beside her, ready to give gifts, tenderness, showering compliments.

From an early age, women born under the Capricorn sign look for serious and thorough men, so they are unlikely to pay attention to the frivolous and chatty Pisces guy. A man should be prepared for the fact that Capricorn will not immediately accept his advances - she is sensitive to the choice of the chosen one, but if she falls in love, she will be faithful, wise and understanding. Capricorns look at intelligence and the ability to keep their word - in the first place. External appeal to girls of this sign is also important, but all other conditions, she may be carried away and not the most handsome man. But what she cannot stand in men is insecurity. Pisces may have a problem with that. Therefore, when winning Capricorn's heart, it is strictly forbidden for Pisces to try to play on pity - this will turn Capricorn away once and for all.

Advantages of the union.

They fall in love at first sight or can know each other for a long time, experience dislike, and then meet by chance and realize that they have found love. Their union is contradictory, but it has its advantages:

  1. Reciprocity. Capricorn lacks sensuality, but next to Pisces, she feels like a beloved, weak woman. Pisces gets a charge of energy, motivation to achieve success from the chosen one. Capricorn allows him to be a leader, which gives confidence to the man, the strength for career advancement and household arrangement.
  2. Improving each other. Capricorn and Pisces, having met and fallen in love, will no longer be the same. They are both ready to change for the person they love, to make sacrifices to improve the union. Capricorn will become more trusting and optimistic, calmer. Pisces will become more goal-oriented, more successful in his career, more serious and sensible.
  3. Spiritual, physical, and intellectual attraction. They are interested in each other as personalities, which is the beginning of romantic communication. In the process of getting to know their partner, they realize that they have similar moral qualities or try to bring them up in themselves. In a long married life the passion between them doesn't fade away, which hides misunderstanding and helps to avoid conflicts.

Their intimate life.

Capricorn's  is reserved - this may please a man at first, but later he will expect activity and initiative from her. And that is depends on Pisces - on how much tenderness and warmth he will give to his beloved, so much will return to him later. It is good if the man will be experienced in love affairs and will find the love and patience to discover the true woman in Capricorn. He will be surprised by her versatility, sensuality and willingness to support the initiative.For Pisces, intimacy is an essential part of a relationship. There can be problems because of severe fatigue, illness, age, but it is important for them to feel their worth. The Capricorn's recriminations, dissatisfaction, are destructive to him. With the destruction of the emotional connection, the "bed" life also collapses. To avoid this in a long union, a woman can surprise her lover with a romantic evening, beautiful lingerie and affectionate words that will inspire Pisces.

Capricorn and Pisces as parents.

Both are attentive and loving parents, ready to devote a lot of time and resources to the comprehensive development of the baby. Capricorn mom is responsible, a little strict and loving. Can overprotect a child, is sensitive to its spiritual development and learning. By nature a great teachers, subtly sensitive to the moments when children need to encourage and when - to punish. 

As father Pisces outwardly trying to seem strict and demanding, but can not resist the children's hugs and caressing words. Strongly attached to children, worships them, so he does not always notice the flaws.

Is a Capricorn woman prone to cheating?

Capricorn may not swear fidelity and love, but if she is near and cares about the Pisces man, he should not doubt her loyalty. The woman is suspicious and often suspects a man of infidelity herself, but does not even allow herself to flirt with other men. She is charming and attractive than, even when married and of age, attracts the opposite sex. Pisces can make up things that are not there, unsubstantiatedly suspecting the chosen one. If Capricorn loves, she will be faithful, even if Pisces is cheating or there is a crisis in the marriage. Her dignity does not allow her to reciprocate the advances of other men after a breakup, especially if she has children by Pisces.

Is the Pisces man prone to cheating? 

Pisces falls in love every time, like for the first time. He feels attraction, passion and awe for his chosen one, but his feelings can be changeable. Pisces easily gives in to Capricorn's provocations, so she should not unreasonably reproach him for cheating. If he is faithful and he is doubted, it will lead to deep inner feelings, which may end in a real betrayal on his part. He painfully endures prolonged conflicts and constant criticism. A woman may not notice how she "nags" her chosen one, destroying his feelings for herself. It is important for him to be appreciated, admired, reckoned with the opinion. He will not forgive the neglect, coldness - it will cause cooling, alienation. A man cannot be without lofty feelings, so if he falls out of love with Capricorn, he will soon fall in love with another woman.


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