Career choice

Career choice
As we all know for starting career all have need to have knowledge, it's not necessary how educated we are. If we want to start business, there are some basic point we must know
which Business you are going to start before starting you need to know about business, which business you are going to start and how it is beneficial for you, do all necessary research which is required for Business make business plan make financial plan find out market these all are basic point which are important to start business, but apart from Business if we choose to job as a career then there are important things is in which field we choose as a job, it will depend completely our education .but in India education system is not up to the performance from the beginning our teacher, our mentor, and our parents told us to do Government jobs after complete our study. Then after education we start to find government job, after doing B.TEC from civil subject an individual start preparation for bank competition operation for IAS operation for IPS, there are some systems for career guidance from beginning all parents must have knowledge about it provide right guidance to child make his career bright, an individual must have knowledge which field need to choose for his career.


everyone must have goal to cover your study covered all the aspect and your career depend on your choice or study if you study arts then make your career in art field, if someone chooses crime, then choose PSC and IPS and legal as a career, do not distract your mind and find your dream job.



Start self assessment who you are, and what you can do, what's your interest, do not influence by others, every individual have different state of mind and having different approach towards learning, Think about which subject you are perfect in, Don't think that someone else has made his career in art, then I can also make, you can but first assess yourself, whether your interest is there or not, take a guidance from professional choose the best for you and start hard work for accomplish your goal choose right one for your career.

Make a list
whatsoever you want to choose as career it is in your wish list, make a list what you want to start either job or Business choose one first it's completely your choice because your career depend on your choice, which choice you made for your career development, if you choose business as a career, then you must be aware with the pros or cons of business, which Business you are going to start you must get knowledge about it first do all kind of research work which is needed for your business, prepare yourself and choose perfect Vision and Mission for your Business, make financial plane, find perfect market niche for your business, assess all the prospect, make forecast strategy prepare for profit and loss fix limit for loss situation, make a fund for cover future requirements these all basic study you need to make before choosing your career as a Business. 

Apart from business if you


choose a job as a career then find out your interest, in which you are capable enough cause for choosing career as job wants to be heard and soft skill both because every employer wants perfect and skilled employee, choose job category according to your education and your skills you must be perfect in your skills and perform well for employer.


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