Catfish Life

Catfish or the scientific name clarias is a fish that can only live in fresh water. Because catfish like other fish that can not live in salt water will absorb salt and damage their kidneys. If the kidneys are damaged, there will be a buildup of toxins that can lead to death. Its existence can be found on the Asian and African continents. For example, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, and the Malay Peninsula. Usually near a stream. Catfish also have the potential to live in many environments, even if they are dirty, such as sewers. As we know that places like that make it difficult for fish to breathe. Because the catfish has an additional respiratory system in its head which is called a labyrinth. In addition to the gills that every fish has.

Because it is in many places. Catfish are always easy to get. Either for decoration in the aquarium or as food for consumption. As a catfish food has protein that functions to build and repair body tissues. Damage to body tissues can cause symptoms such as headaches, excessive sweating, and pain in the feet. It also has Vitamin B12 which is useful for the formation of blood cells. This is important for people with anemia. Where anemia is a condition when a person experiences a lack of blood. Makes a patient's body become weak from normal conditions. With a cheap price, of course catfish is not an obstacle for anyone who wants to buy it. And can be a daily menu for those who are doing a diet process other than exercise. Especially for those who like the world of fashion. In addition, a body that is too fat can cause people to have trouble sleeping.

This animal has the general characteristics of having 2 long, bent signals like whiskers in its mouth. As a sense of touch that helps determine the location of the waters. Especially when the night has come where there is no light in the ocean. With tiny flippers in hand to help it swim for miles and miles. Where the skin is very slippery because it has the ability to produce mucus. To prevent bacteria that cause infection. Even the slippery skin is able to help him out if he is in a puddle of mud into the water. Catfish are usually active at night to look for food or other terms nocturnal like bats. Because catfish are actually afraid of the sun. Catfish are vertebrate animals.  Can also be called a vertebrate animal. This animal is an animal that has complex organs. Where the head is harder than the body.

Catfish predators are eels and frogs that attack catfish eggs before they mature. Where generally the growth process of catfish is 4 months. Therefore catfish must hide their eggs in a hidden place.  Either behind wood or stone. Approximately about 20,000 grains. Although it can produce many eggs. Not all catfish eggs hatch. Because it doesn't have any special abilities. Catfish can only avoid predators.

Catfish sold 25,000 in the market per kg. Where 1 kg is equal to about 8 catfish. If the breeder can produce 8000 head per year. Then the breeder can earn 25,000,000 rupiah every year. The presence of toxic substances makes catfish unable to survive. Considering the large amount of waste that is disposed of as a result of industrial products. It could also be due to feed deposits that do not go away. So in the cultivation of catfish ponds must always be cleaned. We recommend that you regularly clean the pool once a week. If the catfish is left without food, the catfish can survive for 3 weeks. So catfish is a fish that is easy to cultivate.


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