Cendrawasih : The bird of paradise

Cendrawasih is considered the most beautiful bird in the world because of its feather beauty. This bird is also known as bird of paradise. The feather grow lenghtwise from the head, beak to the wings.

In animal taxonomy, cendrawasih is a family called Paradisaeidae. This family consist of 14 spesies of bird which are grouped info 15 genera. The original habitat of this bird is in mountainous forrests with an latitude of 1400 meters to 1800 meters above sea level.Cendrawasih is an omnivorous animal that it saya fruits and small animals. Papaya, rambutan, and grasshoppers are its favorite foods.

Beautiful long feathers is the caracteristic of this bird. The male birds have longer and more beautiful feather than the female. During the berdering season, the male birds will show off the beauty of his feathers to attract the attention the female. There are groups of cendrawasih that are monogamous and polygamous. Unlike the monogamous, the polygamous has mode beautiful feathers. It only lays 2-3 of eggs in the reproduction and its obstacle in effords to preserve it.


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