Chamomile, hops and more: what will help you fall asleep without sleeping pills

Stress, caffeine, car alarms, neighbour disputes, neon signs outside your window - there are many reasons why you can develop sleep problems. Sleep deprivation only multiplies the problems, eventually leading to nightmares or chronic insomnia. Pharmacists are always ready to help, relentlessly inventing new sleeping pills (in the scientific - sedative) drugs, but do not hurry to go to the heavy medical artillery. For a start, try the effect of natural remedies, capable of lulling no worse than grandma's lullaby.

What is nice, the gifts of nature are not accompanied by side effects, are not addictive and do not require a prescription, although a visit to a naturopath, of course, does not hurt. The dose, timing and rules of ingestion (with or without food) are of serious importance. Here is a basic list of natural remedies to help restore a healthy relationship with sleep.


This is a hormone naturally produced by the body to help regulate the circadian rhythm - the internal clock that turns on the sleep-wake cycle. Although it has a mild sleeping effect, its main role is to restore the mode. If you are an owl, suffer from jet lag or work in shifts, melatonin may help you fall asleep at a normal time, that is, at night. Melatonin should be taken six hours before going to bed to allow for a timely effect.


Research has proven that a deficiency of this magical mineral is linked to insomnia, and many experts now recommend taking a magnesium pill before bedtime (in amounts around 1000mg). Magnesium has relaxing properties, and its deficiency is a common problem, since modern people prefer a diet high in sugar, and magnesium is used in its metabolism. Magnesium must therefore be replenished by supplements or food rich in the mineral.


A herb known to our ancestors, this herb has a calming and sedative effect even more powerful than valerian. Leonurus improves sleep, reduces anxiety, regulates the heartbeat and the digestive system. A tea from this herb is good for neuralgia and chronic fatigue, and many naturopaths believe there is no natural remedy for the heart and nervous system.


The plant, which acts very stimulating on cats, has a consistently calming effect on humans and is included in many sleeping pills. A tincture or pill is recommended to be taken half an hour before anticipated sleep. Valerian has the ability to affect the production of serotonin and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which helps to reduce anxiety, fatigue, and proper metabolic processes in the brain.


The essential ingredient in any beer has long been studied for its sedative effects and has been used for centuries to treat sleep problems. Hops are often included in sleeping pills together with valerian root, usually in a ratio of 120 mg of hop extract to 500 mg of valerian. This combination helps to improve sleep and reduce the time it takes to fall asleep. Mind you, this does not mean that beer is a great sleeping aid. Scientists have proven that alcohol disrupts sleep quality and, over time, contributes to a complete sleep disorder.


Chamomile tea, tincture or naturopathic capsules are all very gentle sleep stimulants. In other words, this pretty flower is not likely to help those who suffer from chronic insomnia, but for those who just can't sleep - from anxiety, overexertion or love fever - it will definitely help: it calms, relaxes and speeds up falling asleep. A special treat for total relaxation: a herbal combination of chamomile and lavender in a soothing bath.


Exactly! We're talking about the common cherry, a close relative of the cherry. In a sensational study by Louisiana State University a few years ago, it was proven that cherries help you sleep longer - by almost an hour and a half a night. Cherries have great nutritional value, and the juice of these berries is a source of both melatonin and tryptophan. It's worth noting that we're talking about natural cherry juice here, not a substitute from a packet.


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