Change Careers, Is It Easy?

There are many reasons to change careers, but what is the first step?


First of all, you need to think about the experience you have and the skills that can be successfully applied to a new job.


Before changing jobs, it's worth spending a lot of time fully searching for a new position and researching your future field of work. It is necessary to meet with people working in your chosen field and learn from them about all the problems and difficulties, as well as the positives.


Here is a list of in-demand positions that require different levels of skills and knowledge.


1. Home Caregivers.


These professionals help people with disabilities or cognitive impairments.


Education: below average


Average annual income: $20,170


2. Translators and Interpreters


Both translators and interpreters are currently in demand in various areas of business.


Education: Bachelor's degree


Average yearly income: $43,300


3. analyst.


These people study market conditions and plan potential sales. They help companies figure out which product will be bought and which will stay on the store shelf.


Education: bachelor's degree


Average annual income: $60,570


4. Professional Event Planner.


They coordinate meetings and events, select venues, and do all the logistics.


Education: bachelor's degree


Average annual income: $45,260


5. Secretaries and administrative assistants.


These people organize office operations, prepare schedules, and schedule meetings.


Education: high school.


Average yearly income: $34,660


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