Chapter 2 My New Homestay Family


作者:Mary Jean(来自豆瓣)



We each Sunday will go to church together,then my heart feel peaceful.


We each evening will go for a walk,or after supper,we'll go for a drink to the downtown.


We each morning will go for running for several blocks,then back for breakfast.


We each holiday will go for camping and boating,sometimes we'll go to the seaside.


We each day will work,but not too much.


After several days,we'll go to London once for tours,cause we'd like to walk on the street,we'd like to know the spots,broaden my horizon.


After several months,the local university sends me an offer,invites me to study with them,they ask me about my willings,I said Yes,I desire to go,please apply a place for me.It's a free oppotunity,they gave me a full scholoship,this time I decide to move out to a school accomodation room.My family could be released now.


The campus life is so smooth,each day I have pleasure,as an international student,nobody treats me unfair,they all respect me,we are happy together.My campus life is so helpful,I never drop for any reasons.Well,I each weekend will still come back to my family,taking my gifts to them,cause I have many creative gifts,they never feel bored for that,also not surprised,but they're happy and satisfied that I miss them,need to talk with them,no matter what happened,I should be with them,nothing can change my love to my family.


And we go for traveling sometimes,all in Europe,I never feel strange while being with my family,we have many friends and relatives,I can remember their each name.We love the first Christmas we celebrating together,as a Chinese with double nationalities,My life in here is never lonely,I'm as good as all the others,letting the other Chinese can feel my happiness,I allow them to share my happiness,cause it's the real happiness.My happiness is located in here,this land is my second hometown.


My family makes me love all the festivals here,my favorite is the Thanksgiving Day,I'll also miss my Chinese New Year,but not too much,cause we are busy during that time.


After one year I've finished my language school study,this year I've handled the right ways of studying British English,I begin to love talking about the weather and love.I'm a Briton.


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