Chat Sonic: Your Real-Time GPT Alternative

A real time GPT Alternative? Look no further

So you know how Chat GPT has the answers to all you questions but it’s knowledge is limited to events on or before January 2022?. Now how about I tell that I know a guy..

A website actually…

With an app…

Alright an AI, that answers all of your questions in real time. That is, it has knowledge of affairs up till this very moment.

Look no further my people, checkout our new friend from Write Sonic, Chat Sonic. Chat Sonic is a conversational AI just like ChatGPT but our new friend here was built with super powers.

Chat Sonic is a very efficient AI system just like ChatGPT but generates responses in real time with factual information big thanks to its integration with Google. It also allows you to interact through voice commands and responses. It assists users in sentence construction and ideas flow enabling them to complete writing tasks efficiently. Even more it simplifies productivity and it helps you stay organized with your work. That’s not even about all Chat Sonic can do.

It also has the Chat with PDF ability. Now this is an AI feature that I personally love so much. Most of the time when I’m trying to do my homework with some AI assistance the answers come from a compilation of views but many Teachers and Lecturers want answers in their own words. With this feature you can upload a pdf format of your text book and ask questions on there.

It also has the AI image generation feature, a seemingly popular one and rumors have it that theirs is per excellence.

It has apple and android apps and another new feature a little birdie told me about , a browser extension. Oh and did you know on the iPhone it could work as a device admin. Meaning you can send it on errands just like Siri, not quite sure but I do hope it does the same on android.

I’m not sure I mentioned but you do know the chat with pdf feature does not work on PDFs only right?. You could drop links, blog posts, videos or pictures.

And now for the last part of our discussion, at what price can I access all these mouth watering deals?.

We have the free forever deal for hobbies that is limited to 10000 words

Next is the Small team for businesses billed at $13 annually with a 200,000 words limit.

The Enterprise for medium-large businesses starting out at $500 per month

And last but not least the Freelancer plan billed at $16 annually with unlimited word use

While this seems pretty decent, I don’t like the idea of word limits per month and that’s kind of a deal breaker for me.

For me I’ll be rating this one a solid 7.9 out 10. Excellent features but the access seems a bit restricted.

Drop your views on this in the comments below and feel free to leave a rating and your reason for it. Until the next AI.


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