Check if the genie is following you

Jin and humans both live on this earth even though they are in different realms. The jinn world is an independent world, it is separate and different from the human world, but both live in the same world, sometimes living in houses built or inhabited by humans.

"Jinns and humans were both created by God. But according to many narrations, the jinn were created before humans, so the number of the jinn is more than humans,"

Jinn have the ability to incarnate and transform into real beings, such as animals, or even humans.

This is like what happened when the jinn with the type of satan incarnated into Suraqah ibn Malik ibn Ja'syam and then came to the disbelievers of Quraysh, when they were deliberating to plunge into the Battle of Badr. The event is recorded in the Qur'an surah al-Anfal verse 48.

"And when the devil made them look good on their work and said:" No human being can prevail against you today, and verily I am your protector ". When the two armies were able to see each other (face to face), the devil turned his back and said: "Verily I have departed from you, verily I can see what you can not see; verily I fear Allah". And Allah is very severe in punishment. "


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