Cheesecake New York

Cheesecake is a classic American dish that has become a fixture on cafeteria menus around the world. It's easy enough to make (if you follow all the instructions in the recipe), and the result is an incredibly delicious and delicate dessert. We're going to make a classic of the genre - Cheesecake New York. Shall we try to make it?


The hardest part of making cheesecake is finding the right cottage cheese (cream cheese). Authentic recipes use Philadelphia (Philadelphia) cheese. The main disadvantage of this option - this cheese is now very difficult to get in Russia. So we pick up cream cheese, if possible. No processed cheeses, cottage cheese, sour cream, and mascarpone are suitable. All the more so Creme Bonjour and other unhealthy pseudo cheeses.


Total cheesecake cooking time: 10-12 hours (including "maturation" in the fridge)!



Shortbread cookies 300 g

100 g butter

600 g cream cheese

150 g sugar

3 eggs

30-35% cream 200 ml

Instead of heavy cream you can use 20% cream or even 10% cream, but it will slightly reduce the creamy taste.


The quantity of ingredients is calculated for baking in a baking dish 20-22 cm in diameter, for a 26 cm dish we increase the number of ingredients by 1.5-2 times, unless, of course, you like low cheesecake. I will write for those who are too lazy to count:

shortbread cookies 500 g

butter 166 g

cream cheese 1 kg

sugar 250 g

5 eggs

cream 30-35% 333 ml


Of course, you need to use a mould.

If you are going to make a version of cheesecake without rims, only with a sandy base, use 150g of cookies and 50g of butter.

The weight of the cheesecake is about 1.5 kg.


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