Chemistry:- Matter



Matter is the substance which occupy space and has mass and volume. Matter exists in the three states that is - solid, liquid and gas. Liquid and gaseous state is also called as fluid state because flowing property exists in both liquid and ga




These states of matter arise due to the variation in the characteristic of the particles of matter

1.GAS- In the gaseous state, molecules are sufficiently apart from one anothe

The mutual forces of attraction are almost negligible. Gas molecules are most energetic. Molecules of a gas have large rotatory, vibratory and translatory motions. Gases possess high compressibility and thermal expansion. Gases have neither definite shapes nor definite volume

2.LIQUID- In the liquid state, molecules are less closely packed.

The mutual forces of attraction are weaker than solid. The density of liquid is lower than that of solid but is much higher than that of gases. Molecules of a liquid have higher energies than that of solid. Molecules of liquid have greater freedom of movement. They have some translatory and rotatory motion in addition to the vibratory motion. Liquids have slightly higher compression

3.SOLID- Molecules of solid are closely packed together

The mutual forces of attraction are the strongest in solid the density of solid is high

The position of molecules in the crystal lattice are fixed and hence solid do not have translatory or rotatory motion but only possess vibratory motion. Molecules of a solid possess least energy. Solid possess least compressibility and thermal expansion. Solid have both a definite shapes and definite volume





Homogeneous. Heterogeneous


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