Chicken in the oven with prunes - recipe with apples and potatoes

Chicken in the oven with prunes - recipe with apples and potatoes

Potatoes can be excluded, but I do not recommend it, especially if you are preparing a dish for dinner. Get meat and a side dish in one person at once. 


You will need:

Chicken - 1,2-1,5 kg.

Prunes - 100 gr.

Potatoes - 1 kg.

Apples - 400 gr.

Onions - 2 heads.


Honey - 2 small spoons.

Sunflower oil - 40 ml.

Turmeric, red and black pepper, seasoning hopli-uneli - 2 gr.

Salt - 20 gr.

How to bake:


Gut the chicken carcass, wash, dry with a paper towel.

Throughout the carcass make small cuts, then it will absorb seasonings better and bake faster.

Salt the inside and outside of the meat.

At the same time, chop the onion into a puree (you can use a blender). Squeeze the juice, rub it on the chicken. Send the carcass to the shelf of the refrigerator to marinate. Time it for an hour.

Soak the prunes in hot water. Then, if the dried fruit has a bone, take them out.

With apples remove the core, divide into slices. Drizzle with lemon juice to prevent the slices from turning black.

Peel potato tubers, cut coarsely into slices.

Mix honey in a bowl with the spices listed in the recipe, coat the chicken completely (and inside, too), trying to get some of the sauce into the cuts on the carcass. Do not pour out the rest of the honey sauce.

Place the prunes and apple slices inside. Tie up the legs with string, wrap wingtips in foil so they don't get burnt.

Put chicken on baking tray, put potato slices around it.

Pour the rest of the sauce over it and put it in the oven. 

Baking temperature: 180 o C. 

Cooking time is 40 minutes. 

Then turn the carcass on the other side and bake for another 30 minutes.


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