Childhood and Sports

Movement is life" - everyone knows the truth once uttered by the great philosopher Aristotle. We come into this world "sharpened" for movement, development, activity and striving forward. You are unlikely to meet a healthy baby who will agree to voluntarily sit still when there is an opportunity to run, jump and climb.


Alas, in many ways we are also the things around us. Children instantly absorb the lifestyle of their parents. If the best leisure time for them is TV and pies, then the child eventually "gets hooked" on passivity. Sometimes it is quite the opposite: parents, trying to realize something of their own through their offspring, "force" the child by training and sports clubs. Yes, it is from these then grow champions, but it is units, and the rest in adulthood begin to subconsciously hate sports.


The golden mean is your own example. If parents eat right, take long walks in their free time, go skiing, skating, roller skating, biking, then for children taking care of the body and physical activity becomes as natural as breathing. Choosing a sport that is comfortable for the child is not a problem: children who have a good sense of their bodies understand perfectly well what they want, what is preferable.


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