Chile declared a state of emergency due to a series of arson attacks

Chilean President Sebastian Piñera declared a state of emergency in several regions of the country due to a series of arson attacks.

He said "We decided to declare a state of emergency due to serious disturbances of public order in the provinces of Bio Bio and Arauco in the Bio Bio region and the provinces of Maleco and Cautin in the Araucanía region. 

It is specified that the regime was imposed due to the need to combat terrorism, crime and drug trafficking. To enforce the law and order it was allowed to involve the military. The regime will last 15 days.

Earlier, the police used water cannons and tear gas in response to riots that turned into a protest in the Chilean capital of Santiago.


Protests in Chile began in October 2019, with student protests against corruption, social inequality and rising costs of living. By November of that year, clashes between protesters and police escalated so much that the government agreed to hold a referendum. As a result, in November 2020, 78 percent of Chilean voters voted to create a new constitution.


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