China has predicted the emergence of a new "virus X"

Chinese CDC chief Gao Fu believes a new virus is emerging and urged the world to cooperate
TOKYO, Oct 3 RIA Novosti. Gao Fu, head of China's Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in a speech at an international forum on science and technology in society, expressed confidence that humanity will definitely face a new virus in the future and suggested the principle of cooperation to prepare measures to counteract it.
"The world is facing not only a coronavirus pandemic, but also a number of other problems, such as infodema, where actual information and misinformation are intertwined. This gives rise to a lot of rumors and problems that have to be dealt with," said the expert.
Gao Fu stressed that in the future the world is bound to face the so-called virus X, the characteristics of which are not yet known to anyone and which can emerge anywhere and at any time.
"For the future of humanity, it is necessary to work together to solve the problem. In this regard, I propose the "four C's": cooperation (cooperation), competition (competition), communication (communication), and finally, coordination, sometimes with a third party (coordination)," the expert stressed.
Scientists have identified a gene that blocks deadly viruses
Of the above principles, he emphasized information exchange, because it was the open exchange of information by China that allowed scientists around the world to begin developing vaccines against coronavirus in such a short time.
The annual Kyoto Forum on Science and Technology in Society, which traditionally brings together government officials, company executives and heads of research centers from around the world, kicked off Saturday in an online format to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Before the pandemic, it was held annually in Kyoto, Japan.


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