"China's Tesla revealed a flying car

The XPeng car is created from lightweight materials and looks like a sports car The described car HT Aero will be created from lightweight materials, which will allow saving on fuel. According to representatives of the concern, the model will be about half as light as the production electric car Xpeng P7, that is, it will weigh up to one ton. The car will be able to accelerate up to 130 kilometers per hour - quite a low speed compared to civilian airliners. On a single charge the device can fly for about 30 minutes.

The future car will get the form factor of a sports car with two doors and seats for the driver and passenger. There will be a steering wheel in the cabin - similar to the one installed in the new Tesla cars, but with its help it will be possible to control the car only on the ground. For piloting in the air, there is a handle under the driver's right hand, reminiscent of the side-stick in military fighters or civil aircraft Airbus A320 or Sukhoi Superjet 100. To fly the car, a pair of turboprop engines will be hidden in its body, capable of extending sideways and spinning in the opposite direction, creating the necessary lift.

The pilot in the seat will be able to control altitude, speed, pitch, and other parameters. Despite the fact that the machine is not fully autonomous, a special system will analyze the position in space and control takeoff and landing. In case of bad weather conditions or obstacles in the air, the artificial intelligence will simply block the possibility of takeoff. Flying cars are being designed by companies all over the world In any sci-fi work with cities of the future, cars are usually carried from conventional roads into the air. Or the cars have a hybrid device: that is, they have wheels to move on the ground and a certain motor and wings to move at low altitudes.

There are a number of companies and startups around the world that claim to be working on flying cars. In particular, giants of the aviation industry like Boeing and Airbus are creating their prototypes of air cabs. As a rule, developers describe the flying car of the future in the form of transport, which has comparable dimensions with an ordinary car, means for lifting in the air and a piloting system.


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