Chinchilla as a pet

The chinchilla is considered an exclusively domestic pet. Recently, people prefer to keep this animal at home. Its appearance, cute eyes and small size is attractive, but not everyone knows what conditions are necessary for such a friendly pet.


There are two kinds of chinchillas, and distinguishing them is simple:


One breed is short-tailed.

The other is long-tailed.

Excluding the tail, this animal can grow up to 35 cm in length. The chinchilla is a rodent, it has a meek and mild character. There is not much aggression or activity behind such animals. The chinchilla eats or sleeps most of its time.

Also, chinchillas are quite intelligent, just like dogs. Here are more pluses of this pet:


It can easily be taught to return to its place in its cage after a walk around the apartment, as well as other necessary commands.

Its average lifespan is 20 to 25 years.

This is another positive feature of this pet. The owner will not have to quickly part with his pet.

For a healthy and long life of a chinchilla, special conditions must be created:


A spacious cage that will accommodate food, drinking and shelves for resting and moving around.

The bottom of the cage should be covered with sawdust, which should be changed periodically as it gets dirty.

Washing or bathing chinchillas is prohibited. For this in the nature chinchillas use sand, but at home the owner must purchase a special mixture.

Food is another item that is not insignificant for its successful life. Legumes and cereal grasses, tree bark, occasionally may prefer some insects are suitable for this.

      Important: Do not feed the baby from the dinner table, as this can lead to digestive problems.


The best solution to this problem is a special food sold in pet stores. It includes cereals, dried fruits and herbs enriched with useful enzymes and vitamins. Thus, the chinchilla will be a great pet for families with children, as this cute animal does not require any special care. At the same time, the animal is able to give affection and love.


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