Chocolate saves fatigue

We've been hearing about the dangers of chocolate since childhood - it's bad for your teeth, it causes tooth decay, it makes you sick, and so on. However, scientists have been able to rehabilitate chocolate in the eyes of the public. Scientific studies have confirmed that dark chocolate has the ability to boost immunity, reduce the risk of stroke, and lower blood pressure. Unfortunately, only dark chocolate has such properties, but it should be eaten in moderation.


The benefits of dark chocolate are also confirmed by the research of British scientists, who found that dark chocolate is able to improve the well-being of people with chronic fatigue syndrome.


Of course, scientists are still arguing about whether such a syndrome exists. But the British decided to find a remedy to help people get out of the state of constant seeming lack of sleep, lethargy, mood swings, a kind of state of semi-sickness.


A study was conducted at a British university in Hull with the participation of 10 people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. These patients were asked to consume 15 grams of dark chocolate three times a day for two months. All 10 patients confirmed a significant improvement in their well-being. When the chocolate was replaced with the same chocolate but with a lower cocoa bean content, the patients noted that it had no proper effect on their well-being.


Scientists attribute this effect to the fact that the composition of dark chocolate contains a large amount of polyphenol, which affects the increase in serotonin levels in the human brain. And fatigue syndrome is known to occur precisely because of low serotonin levels.


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