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Would it be the pre-existing destiny, even before our choices? Or the question that hangs in the air, would we have already written in a book, where it would be written how we would be born and even how we would die, before our conception in matter, or do we still have choices, opting for straight paths, of benevolence, of good virtues, or in the mastery of waiting for luck to give us the gift of love, be it in the form of Agape, Eros or Philos, it would not only be the will of the Divine representing itself among us, but a new youth that waits for changes, has for itself the natural brightness of life, of new virtues, new principles, before questioning itself and the environment.

It would not be too simplistic, to expect vain, repetitive opportunities, in partnership with the destructive debauchery of others, if in our peace, even if internal, you are to spread through the environment, to which we had no notion of the aptness of the common, of benevolence, and we proposed to be born, to live, even written in the Book of Life, those who will be chosen by God.


Eduardo Macedo, farmer, one of the most fundamental workers in a post-industrial society, the one who plants and harvests the food, since his first productions, in urban areas he is treated as a "matuto", where is the morality in society?

Living just for the cannibal life, of destroying the neighbor with attitudes, words, persuasion, offering the tray of crime, indecently, the delinquent accepts peacefully and in his heart only remains the virtue of the Supreme, request to take him from this life of so much suffering, but perspicacious, does not satisfy the desire of man, he does not try against his own life, thus arising another choice, the divine molds, Eduardo Macedo knew more than anyone his importance in the family agriculture that he was inserted, he had studied, graduated, but for love he preferred the peace of the field, where he subsidizes the food, and has the calmness that the mind needs, we are no longer in urban areas, we are in Campos, with the green spreading in the landscape, and in the supreme will, everything has been praised and our requests have already been answered, in the prenouncement of the pronouncement, it is life molding itself again by the Celestial traces.


Alfred Erts, scientist, was waiting for the new discovery that would make him consecrated in the eternity of men, he had all the necessary postulates, but the calculation wouldn't close, he had been working for years on that formula, he wasn't getting anywhere, the University would close his studies for lack of results, and for a moment that being he vehemently denied, asked him - God, give me an answer. He continued walking, without many words or actions, he was already feeling despised by the act, and behold, in an instant, he did some sums, multiplied everything mentally, entered a snack bar, took two napkins, asked for a pencil and began to write down that algebraic theory, and put it in his pocket, affirming: - God exists!


"We will walk on the road of Life,

by virtue of Eternity,

not that of men,

but that of God,




we will walk, always

in favor of his will,

in all his Sovereignty."


The Poet, was looking for the solutions, or at least the right words to fit the next rhyme, the next verse, or even the unthinkable metaphor, glimpsed his dreams coming true in a tangible way in a concrete way, to the world God made the pilgrim, for the conclusions of the thinkers and for peace in the field of energy, they are distinct truths but coming from a Sovereign oneness, it was the stanza he made to thank the master for such supreme benevolence, his destiny would already be traced, written or he would still choose it, this he wouldn't worry about, he would live, only.


"State of Siege Declared.

 Marshal. Buis Reddy, Wilson"


The military commander of that nation, decreed a deplorable situation to many people, would he be responsible, it would already be written in the Book of Life, the pain of every man who tried to seek God, but was persuaded with the lack of knowledge disseminating in his nation, with the lack of the holy bread, the wine of life they would not know if sadly, they would be beings of a new Celestial Reformation, they were the world's scum, so the leaderships of the other nations conjectured, the capital aggrandizement was stronger and stronger and we would no longer know, whether the condemnation or the salvation of those who in life lived from renunciation, would also enter the Book, regardless of the acts of prescience.


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