Churchill's Top 10 Famous Statements About Alcohol

1. "I can't live without champagne. When I win I deserve it, when I lose I need it.  This famous quote, in different variations, is often attributed to Churchill as well as to Napoleon. Who its author was is not known for certain.


2. "My tastes are simple.  I can easily content myself with the very best.  It's often attributed to Churchill, but in fact it was first said by none other than Oscar Wilde, also a great aphorist. It was not the Prime Minister himself who later repeated the quotation, but his friend Lord Birkenhead, speaking of Churchill.


3. "I have taken more from alcohol than it has taken from me."

("Forbes. Book of Businessmen Quotes," 2007)

Sir Winston was a gentleman, but at times he could afford a rather sordid joke. In response to Bessie Braddock, the Socialist MP, remarking that he was drunk, Churchill replied, "My dear, you are ugly, but I'll sober up tomorrow and you'll still be ugly.  Although there is still some debate about this quote, Richard Langworth, an expert on Churchill's remarks, confirms its authenticity.


4.And again about champagne . Churchill's speech to the British generals during the Second World War: "Remember, gentlemen, we are not fighting for France. We are fighting for champagne!"

("The Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink," 2004).


5. "When I was younger, I had a no-drinking-before-dinner rule. Now I have a no-drinking-before-breakfast rule."  (The Irrepressible Churchill: Stories, Sayings and Experiences of Sir Winston Churchill, London, 1987).


6. "I was brought up and brought up with the utmost disgust for people who get drunk.

("Finest Hour. The Winston Churchill Quarterly," No. 86, 1995).


7. "We live very simply, but with everything we need to live: a hot bath, cold champagne, fresh peas and old brandy.  Churchill wrote to his brother during World War I.

(From William Manchester's The Last Lion, 1993).


8.From the memoirs of British Field Marshal Montgomery:

Montgomery: "I don't drink or smoke, I'm a 100% healthy man."


9.From an exchange of pleasantries with Nancy Astor, an American, a feminist, the first woman to become a member of the House of Commons, the lower house of the British Parliament:

Nancy Astor: "Churchill, if I were your wife, I would put poison in your coffee."

Churchill: "If you were my wife, I would drink it. 


10. "Reality is a hallucination caused by a lack of alcohol in the blood," he said. Without a couple of glasses of Soviet cognac, which the ruler was so fond of, you can't figure out what Churchill meant.


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