classic doughnuts

1. The trick to making doughnuts comes down to the right dough recipe. We need milk and butter "Prostokvashino", eggs, water, dry yeast, vanilla, salt and, of course, sugar.

2. Pour warm boiled water into a bowl. Pour the dry yeast and sugar. Stir and let the ingredients dissolve. Sugar can be replaced with powdered sugar.

3. In the same bowl beat 2 eggs, pour heated milk, add vanilla, salt and melted butter. Beat all the ingredients with a mixer.

4. Sift the flour and gradually pour it into the bowl, at the same time kneading the dough. Be sure to break up any lumps that form, and knead well, softening the dough.

5. It is important to give the dough a chance to stand, so that the yeast can "work", and the dough becomes more crumbly and airy. Put it in a warm place for about an hour and a half.

6. Next, roll out the dough (thickness - about 1 cm) and with the help of round cups cut out circles. In the center of each circle we cut out another one - a "signature" doughnut hole.

7. 7. Drop donuts on a board dusted with flour and let them rise. These donuts will greatly increase in size, so place them away from each other.

8. Donuts are always deep fried. You can use either a deep fryer or a deep pan with lots of oil. Fry the doughnuts for 2 minutes on each side.

9. 9. Our doughnuts are greasy enough, so be sure to turn them out on paper towels. Serve sprinkled with powdered sugar and offer as a "sauce" jam or condensed milk.


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