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Indonesia is a country that has an assortment of societies that are far reaching from Sabang to Merauke. Indonesia isn't just known for its way of life but on the other hand is popular for different sorts of customary food varieties that are possessed by each locale in Indonesia. 

In every locale, the current food dishes have their unmistakable taste and fragrance. One of them is a customary food called rendang from West Sumatra. 

Rendang is a dish produced using handled meat, cooked with flavors starting from Minangkabau. Rendang utilizes normal flavors since it can go about as a sterile and can kill pathogenic microorganisms with the goal that it tends to be utilized as a characteristic additive 

No big surprise if rendang can most recent multi week to about a month. Since it contains such countless sorts of flavors, rendang is a food that has a one of a kind taste and is adored by many individuals. 

Two kinds of rendang are known as a general rule, in particular as follows: 


1. Dried Rendang 

Dry rendang is valid rendang in the Minang cooking custom. This rendang is cooked for quite a while until the coconut milk dries and the flavors are retained flawlessly. Generally, dry rendang is served for unique occasions, like customary functions, eats, or inviting visitors of honor. 

The dried rendang is more dim brown. Whenever cooked appropriately, dried rendang can last three to about a month at room temperature, and whenever put away in the fridge for as long as a month. 


2. Wet Rendang or Kalio 

Wet rendang or also called kalio, is a rendang that is cooked distinctly in a more limited time. The coconut milk is left not totally dry with the goal that it has a little flavoring sauce. 

The wet rendang has a light brilliant earthy colored tone and is paler. Whenever put away at room temperature can just keep going for short of what multi week. 

Rendang is an extremely well known food in Indonesia. The presence of rendang food has turned into a symbol for individuals of Padang. For the most part, rendang is utilized as the primary dish for food. 

Not just in Indonesia, presently rendang is notable in far off nations, many like rendang on the grounds that it has its appeal, like rich taste, novel handling strategy, and enticing appearance. 

Rendang can likewise be found in different other Southeast Asian nations, like Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines, and Thailand. 

In 2011, rendang was picked as the most tasty food on the planet which was positioned first in CNN International's World's 50 Most Delicious Foods. Also, on July 12, 2017, CNN again delivered the 50 most delectable food varieties on the planet, rendang still stands firm on the main footing for the most flavorful food on the planet. 

This information was acquired from 35,000 decisions via online media Facebook directed by CNN, and the outcome was rendang again in the principal position. In 2018, rendang was formally assigned as one of Indonesia's five public cooking styles.


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