Confirmation of the existence of UFOs can destroy US intelligence

The US Defense Ministry can discredit intelligence with one UFO report that officials are preparing, a former employee of the British defense department, Nick Pope, is sure of this. As Fox News reported on May 2, the Briton is sure that if the Pentagon confirms the existence of a UFO, not only the Democrats who denied it, but also the entire American intelligence service will get it. The fact is that UFOs may not be alien technology, but the apparatuses of the armies of "hostile" states.

If the report proves that intelligence has allowed unidentified flying objects of other states to escape for many years, then this will mean the end for all "18 members of the intelligence society" whose specialists and equipment could not protect the United States.

In February, researcher Anthony Bogaliy said that back in 2018 he became aware that the plates of the "aliens" were made of a certain nitinol material, a similar one was allegedly found back in 1947 in Roswell.

Recall, the former head of US National Intelligence John Radcliffe said that the Pentagon has satellite images proving the supersonic flight of UFOs. On May 1, ex-Senator Harry Reid claimed that a UFO was chasing an American ship, the aircraft was allegedly sent by Russia.


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