Consumer rights

What is Consumer Rights?

Every country prescribes its own set of consumer rights to its people to ensure the maximum protection to the citizens of a country. The meaning of consumer awareness extends to knowing the meaning of consumer rights. There are six important consumer rights which have been listed down for the people of India by the government of India; these rights are as follows.


Right to Safety

This is the right of the consumer to be protected against the marketing of any commodity, goods and services which are in the interest of harm towards them.

Right to Be Informed

The consumer has the right to be informed about the commodity they are purchasing. This pertains to the quality, quantity, potency, purity, standard and price of the good or service at hand.

Right to Choose

The consumer should have proper access to the market to make an informed choice between selected goods and services. In a market where there is a monopoly, this right extends to warranting fair price for a good or service.

Right to Be Heard

This is the right extended to consumers to be heard at the appropriate forums for voicing out concerns and also representing ideas and visions for consumer welfare.


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