Consuming quality food is the best investment for lifetime

We often like spending money on the things and items we like best. We do not spend much time and money on something which does not attract our attraction. 

We are often interested in investing our money in buying houses, flats, cars, cosmetics, clothes, property, gold, diamonds, watches, jewellery and so on.

But little do we pay attention to the quality of food we intake.

It's not always right that only expensive food items are quality food but that's what we are going to deal with in this section.


Why do we need to intake quality food?

We need to intake quality food because it will determine our future health prospects. And being healthy is our first target in life. A healthy body can only produce good work. If you are not fit enough then after a few days your total working system would fall down. So you need to concentrate on your wellbeing first before anything else. 

How do we decide which food to intake?

The very first thing in this section would be to check your health parameters.

First you need to check your obesity level and how much you are overweight. For that you can check the basal metabolism index. Your height to weight ratio is checked in this. You find out from there how much extra weight you have gathered. And you need to get rid of those extra weight gained. According to that plan your diet. You can go to a professional dietician and get help to decide your diet plan. Accordingly you decide the balanced diet prescribed to you. You just need to go to the safe parameters and be non-obese. Thats it.

Next thing is that you have to check your blood sugar level, blood pressure, thyroid, cholesterol, uric acid, liver function profile, and e.c.g check from a pathologist. 

Consult a good doctor to see your test reports to find out which reading is not meeting the safe standard. If any of these parameters are not falling under the safe standard, then change your diet plans accordingly.

Like if you have a heart issue or if your cholesterol level is not good, then definitely avoid junk food and oily or spicy food. Rather invest your money on good food like healthy vegetables and fruits and safe food items.


How to manage investment on food?

Decide your food according to your health requirement and then find out which are the safest options for you. Then invest money on those food items. You need to be wise and also have to have the knowledge before investing in food items.

Why is this better than health or life insurance?

Health insurance is required when you fall ill and require treatment or other accidental hazards on health. But apart from accidents, if you can control your health by healthy food habits then what's the requirement of health insurance or life insurance? 


The best investment is to invest on your food items and eat limited food. With bad quality food you will gather illness but with limited and good food you will actually lead a long and healthy life. 


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