Cordon Bleu rolls in cream sauce


Cordon Bleu rolls in cream sauce




Chicken breast (fillet) 2 pcs.

Ham 150g.

Cheese 150g.

Cream (20 - 33%) 100 ml.

Garlic 3 cloves

Greens (chopped) 1 tbsp.

Vegetable oil for frying

Salt, pepper to taste


How to prepare:


Slice the cheese. Cut the ham into thin slices. The chicken breast is cut lengthwise into 3 plates.

Each plate beat off with a mallet or the blunt side of the blade of a knife. Salt. Place 2 slices of ham on top of each plate. Lay slices of cheese on top of ham. Roll up the rolls. If everything is done correctly, the rolls should not open when cooked. But for insurance, you can fasten them with toothpicks.


Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan. Pour the rolls. Fry all sides until golden. Pour cream in pan. Press out garlic. Pepper to taste. Sprinkle with greens.

And stew on low heat until cream evaporates twice.On side dish we can serve rice, vegetables. I had a mix of rice and bulgur as a side dish.



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