Could two planets in the solar system collide?

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One of the apocalypse scenarios that humanity frightens itself with is a collision between our planet and an asteroid. The question willy-nilly arises: if an asteroid can crash into the Earth, can't two planets collide with each other?

There are 8 planets in the solar system (not counting the 5 dwarf planets), and what if one of them, for whatever reason, "breaks off" its orbit and crashes into the Earth? Or one of the giant planets, having a huge gravity, will simply attract our Earth, depriving it of a favorable location relative to the Sun?

Fortunately, such scenarios have such a negligible probability that we do not have to worry about them. First of all, all planets in the solar system are in the attraction zone of the Sun, which owns 99% of the mass of the entire solar system. Consequently, all the planets are clearly tied to their orbits and cannot "escape" from them in any way. Secondly, the distances between the orbits of the planets are huge compared with their planetary sizes, so the chance of a collision of any pair of planets within our star system is so small that it can be neglected (unlike a collision of a planet and a meteorite, which is much more probable and dangerous).


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