Couple in Russia jailed for athedr jailed

Couple in Russia jailed for 'naughty' pose in front of cathedral.

A Russian court has sentenced a man and his girlfriend to 10 months in prison for posting photos of poses such as oral sex in front of the cathedral of St. Basil, Red Square area, Moscow.

Moscow's Tverskoi district court said that Ruslani Murodzhonzoda, a Tajik citizen and Anastasia Chistova were found guilty of offending religious feelings.


"Anastasia Chistova and Ruslani Murodzhonzoda committed a public act that shows clear disrespect for society," the court's ruling said.

Murodzhonzoda himself is a figure known for his jokes on social media, while his girlfriend Anastasia Chistova is a model.


The two have been detained since last September after posting poses such as oral sex with the St. Basil. In the photo, even the woman is wearing a police costume.


The sentence came under the spotlight after President Vladimir Putin was seen as increasingly conservative in implementing the law.


Since taking office for a third term in 2012, Putin has said he is trying to defend Russia's traditional values ​​and make the country the antithesis of the West.


A number of actions that offend religious symbols such as the cathedral are processed as a violation of the law.


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