Covid-19: Single case shuts down Shanghai Disneyland

The Chinese theme park will be closed on Monday and Tuesday, and all visitors and staff are being tested.


Health workers in protective suits examined them as fireworks went off around the park's landmark castle.


China hopes to reach zero infections before it hosts the Winter Olympics, which begin in February.

The country where the virus was first discovered officially had 92 new cases on Monday.


A person who visited the Disneyland theme park in Shanghai on Saturday tested positive for the virus after returning to a nearby region, Chinese state media repor

Disney suffers $1.4bn hit due to coronavirus

Disney parks to re-open – but no screaming please

Visitors had to wait hours for testing before they could leave the park on Sunday evening, as Disney entertainment continued around them.


They all tested negative, officials said.


China has recorded 4,849 deaths from Covid and 109,666 cases of infection since the virus was first detected in 2019 in the city of Wuhan.


Globally Covid has now killed more than five million people, with nearly 247 million infected.


The Winter Games will be held in Beijing and towns in neighbouring Hebei province, on 4-20 February.


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