Creamy condensed milk ice cream at home

Hi all, today we have a very tasty treat - homemade ice cream and condensed milk. It is prepared very quickly and easily. For this you will need, in addition to the necessary ingredients, the availability of a mixer and a suitable container. If you do not have special molds for this dessert, that's okay. The ice cream can be poured into plastic containers, or into a deep bowl, or into yogurt cups. Here's a simple ice cream base with just two ingredients. You can eat the ready-made ice cream as is or add any flavorings you like from berries, fruits, nuts, chocolate, or whatever your fantasy strikes you. In any case, the dessert will be very delicious.


Whipped cream 33-35% - 400 ml Condensed milk - 300 gr (not a full can). The cream must be chilled. Then they will be better beaten.


1. Pour the cream into a convenient bowl and start beating it with a mixer. Beat until soft peaks appear. The mass should increase in volume and become puffy. It is not necessary to achieve a steep thickening. 2. 2. Next, without stopping to whip the cream add the condensed milk. It is not necessary to work long with the mixer, it is enough to achieve homogeneity and stop. Now prepare a convenient container for the mass. This can be a plastic container, a small baking mold, or just a deep bowl. Pour the resulting mass into it and smooth it out. 4. Cover the container with a lid or food film and send it to freeze in the freezer. Keep it there for at least 15 hours. Do not touch it at all during this time. 5. Before eating the dessert, let it stand at room temperature for 10 minutes. It will thaw a little and it will be easier to transfer it to serving containers. 6. The texture of the ice cream is homogeneous. But do not forget that it can quickly melt, since it is completely natural, without any additional additives. And yet, the ice cream is very tasty and tender. Bon appetit!!!



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