Creamy ice cream classic recipe at home

The most budget ice cream from the cheapest available products, that creamy 50-60 years, with a rich flavor and vanilla aroma - thick, viscous and hearty! The recipe is fully compliant with USSR GOST 119-41.

Creamy Plombir ice cream without cream

Milk 3.2% fat. - 600 ml

Butter (room temperature) - 150 gr.

Sugar - 150 g

Eggs Cat. C1 - 4 yolks

Flour - 10 gr or corn starch - 20 gr (optional) dilute with small amount of cold milk from the total amount and mix with the yolks. 

Heat the milk on the stove in a saucepan or in the microwave. Stir the egg yolks with a whisk until smooth. A thin trickle pour hot milk into the yolk mixture, stirring vigorously.

Now, when our yolks have been tempered, in other words "tempered" and accustomed to high temperatures, we pour the milk-egg syrup back into the pot. Constantly stirring, cook until normal thickening. The consistency will be like a thick pancake batter. To cool the finished custard base more quickly, place the container in cold or ice water, or simply leave it to cool on the table.

Beat the soft butter until it turns white and increases in volume. Continue beating at low-medium speed and add the egg and milk cream (room temperature). Add vanilla or your favorite additive of choice, and beat until smooth. Amplify color with food coloring if desired.

Method 1: Put the pan in the freezer for half an hour. When the time is up, take it out and mix thoroughly with a wooden spoon or a mixer. During freezing, repeat the procedure for the first three hours (5-6 times). This will help break the ice crystals and make the texture of the dessert very velvety and tender, soft but at the same time dense. We transfer the mass to a tightly closed container and send it for final freezing.

Method 2. Pour into a milk carton, seal the lid and put in the freezer. A couple of times in, every half an hour we take out of the freezer, shake the package and again put it in the cold. In the morning we take out, we cut and voila - a briquette of ice cream.

Method 3. We make 1.5 kg of ice, pour a cup of salt on top, and turn it with our hands in order to distribute it evenly. Ice-salt cooling is much more intensive, so in 30 minutes the dessert will be almost ready, and it will be left in the freezer.

Set the container with the ice cream mixture and lightly beat it with a whisk or a mixer from time to time until a lush thick mass is obtained. Pour into an airtight container and stick it in the freezer until completely frozen


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