Creamy ice cream with vanilla flavor

Very tasty ice cream will result from the preparation of this recipe below.


Products needed:


cream of cows very fat (33% or higher) - 800 g,

granulated white sugar - 350 grams,

7 pcs. yolks from big and fresh chicken eggs,

vanilla powder - 40 gr.

Our Swiss chocolates are ready in a very simple manner:


In a non-stick pan, pour the prepared heavy cream.

Add the vanilla powder and place on medium heat. Bring to the boil, but do not boil. Remove from the heat when the first bubbles appear on the surface of the cream.

Put the bowl with the yolks of fresh chicken eggs in the refrigerator for a quarter of an hour.

Add the granulated sugar to the warmed cream and stir it in so that it quickly dissolves to the very last grain.

Now it's the turn of the yolks. They should be beaten "into foam" with a mixer in the same bowl where they were chilled.

Strain the sweet and creamy mass through a fine-hued strainer.

Slowly add the strained creamy sweet mixture to the yolks. Blend the ingredients thoroughly with a blender. This will create a smooth sweet vanilla cream.

Put the resulting cream in a bowl, which comes with a tight-fitting lid, and put it in the freezer for eight hours.

After an hour, take the ice cream that has begun to freeze out of the freezer. Using a hand whisk stir it and put it back in the freezer, tightly capped beforehand.

Repeat this procedure four more times. In this case, the cream mass will be perfectly homogeneous and light.

When serving, the treat should be garnished with coconut or chocolate shavings, candied fruits or cookie sprinkles.

Recommendations in the recipe:


You can use honey or sweetener instead of sugar.

To beautifully serve the homemade vanilla ice cream, it should be placed in glass transparent serving bowls-cream makers with a special rounded spoon, which can be used to make even balls of ice cream


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