Crypto Boom Again? Bitcoin-Ethereum Sets New Record

Cryptocurrencies (cryptocurrencies) were observed to be brightly excited on Tuesday (9/11/2021) this morning, where bitcoin and ethereum managed to set new all-time records today. Launching data from CoinMarketCap, at 07:49 WIB, bitcoin's all-time highest level was at US$ 67,731.31/coin or equivalent to Rp 968,557,733/coin. Before bitcoin hit a new high, ethereum had already hit a new record. At 06:49 WIB, ethereum's all-time high was at US$ 4,819.78/coin or equivalent to Rp 68,922,854/coin. As of 08:30 WIB, the strengthening of bitcoin and ethereum tended to decline, but still traded in the range of US$ 67,000 in bitcoin and US$ 4,700 in ethereum.

Selain bitcoin dan ethereum yang sangat positif pada hari ini, kripto berkapitalisasi pasar lebih dari US$ 30 miliar selain koin digital (token) berjenis stablecoin juga bergerak positif pada hari ini.

Berikut pergerakan 10 kripto dengan kapitalisasi pasar di atas US$ 30 miliar.

The market capitalization of bitcoin also increased to US $ 1.27 trillion this morning. Bitcoin has been in a bullish trend since early October. This is because the crypto market as a whole has added nearly $1 trillion to its total value in just a month. The total cryptocurrency market cap has reached nearly $3 trillion, according to data from CoinMarketCap. Launching from CoinDesk, bitcoin is widely perceived by many investors as a hedge against inflation, just like gold. They made crypto a 'paradise' because of concerns about rising inflation. Moreover, if inflation in the United States (US) really rises again, then they will tend to maintain their holdings in bitcoin. Apart from being considered a hedging asset, bitcoin's bullish trend actually occurred in early October, when the bitcoin futures exchange trade fund (ETF) was launched in the US.

Another driving factor for bitcoin is Australia's largest banking company, Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) which plans to offer crypto trading to its customers, especially retail customers, next year. Meanwhile, blockchain data from Glassnode shows that the number of unique wallets with over zero bitcoin balances has returned to close to 39 million, exceeding the previous record high of 38.7 million in May. Not to be outdone by bitcoin, ethereum also managed to set a new all-time record this morning. Ethereum surged on reports showing that the Ethereum network has burned more than it has issued over the past week or so, following the London Hard Fork upgrade last August. This upgrade introduces a mechanism for burning most transaction fees, measured in ether, instead of sending them to miners. In addition, the rise in bitcoin and other ethereums is due to the increasing trend of decentralized finance (DeFi) investment, a new trend in the crypto market that seeks to build financial applications such as lending and trading on the blockchain. Ethereum is a major player in DeFi. Some of the largest DeFi services, including decentralized exchange Uniswap and lending platform Aave, run on the Ethereum network. DeFi has also caught the attention of regulators of late, and experts have warned a crackdown is imminent.


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