cryptocurrency chart from 2018 to 2021

investing in crypto assets or cryptocurrencies is now increasingly in demand along with the upward trend of price movements.
One of them occurs in Bitcoin, the most popular type of crypto today.

Crypto does not only have the potential to provide huge profits, but also big losses.
The price of Bitcoin actually dropped to the level of 13,657 US dollars in early 2018.
The trend continued to decline until at the end of the year the value of Bitcoin was only 3,742 US dollars per chip.

A slight increase also occurred in early 2019 with the price of Bitcoin being 3,843 US dollars.
In this period the value continued to climb up until the end of the year the price of Bitcoin became US$ 7,193.
Entering the beginning of 2020 the price of Bitcoin continued to rise to 8,440 US dollars, until finally reaching a value of 29,000 US dollars per chip at the end of last year.
In early 2021, the price of Bitcoin moved up to 30,000 US dollars and has now reached 52,493 US dollars per chip.
That value is up more than 20,000 US dollars since the beginning of the year.

it is advisable to choose a type of cryptocurrency whose movements are not too volatile, but still show a gradual upward trend.
"Choose a safe crypto asset, which gradually continues to rise.
but Look at the type of crypto asset whose price trend is like gold, continues to rise gradually, that has investment security


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