CS:GO player got banned for an unusual reason during a change of sides

An unusual case of a ban during a competitive game in CS:GO was shared by a Reddit user under the nickname werbfab. He received a 30-minute lockout during a mid-match change of sides, caused by a Molotov cocktail thrown on a bomb moments before the end of the round. The fire hit his teammate's legs, who continued to take damage during the pause. A few seconds later, werbfab was "kicked" out of the match.


Users have noticed that Valve is in no hurry to fix this state of affairs. According to the logic of the game, the pause during the change of sides is not directly the match, but for some reason the damage caused in this way continues to coun


In CS:GO a player is blocked for causing 400 units of damage to his teammates during the match. You can also get a ban for killing three allie


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