Culinary tricks for good baking

Step-by-step cooking recipe

Before using an electric stove oven, place a sheet of white paper in the middle of a baking tray, place it on the middle shelf of the oven, turning the heat to maximum. Notice the time it takes for the paper to turn a light brown color. The time it takes for the paper to darken is the time it takes for the oven to preheat.


To ensure that when baking in the oven, products do not burn, and acquire a delicious ruddy crust, pour a little coarse salt under the form.


If there is concern that the product will burn, cover the form with wet paper so that it does not touch the dough. After 10 minutes, check the baking process.


After taking the product out of the oven, place it in the form on a towel dampened with cold water and cool. It will then come out of the mold nicely.


Never pour the flour into the liquid, but add the liquid to the flour gradually.


If you add 2 grated boiled potatoes to 500g of flour, the dough will be looser.


The dough will get an unpleasant smell and taste if you put baking soda in it. If it is not topped, the dough will not bake well.


If a third of the wheat flour is replaced with potato flour, the baked product will be lighter and rise better.


If there is not enough sugar in the dough, the product will turn out pale. If there is too much sugar, the dough will rise less and the middle will remain unbaked.


Unleavened dough products will be crumbly if you add a spoonful of cognac to the dough.


Apples in a pie will cook faster if you put a pot of hot water in the oven.


Peeled apples and pears for stuffing, will retain their color if, before cooking, they are wrapped in a napkin soaked in vinegar.


The fruit is sprinkled with sugar at the end of cooking, otherwise it will give off too much juice.


Walnuts for cakes and pastries will acquire a pleasant flavor if they are slightly calcined before cooking.


Cinnamon, before using, should be dried a little on the stove and then pounded with sugar.


If you are going to add raisins to the dough, after you have washed them, dry them thoroughly, otherwise cavities will form around them when baking.


To cut a crumbly cake, a knife should be heated by dipping it in boiling water or heating it over a flame.


Want a golden crust? Grease the dough before baking with milk, fat, egg, sweet or salted water - any one thing, of course.


If you decide to bake a pie with berries, don't put sugar in the filling, rather make the dough sweeter, and sprinkle powdered sugar on top of the finished pie.


To prevent the filling from "escaping" when baking a fruit cake, stick some macarons in the pie - the juice will go up through these tubes, and the baking tray will not burn.


A baked product with a high sugar content will have a more even brown coloring if powdered sugar is added to the batter instead of granulated sugar.


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