Daily Life of a Digital Marketer: What Your Day-to-Day Routine Looks Like

Digital marketing has become the mantra for online business success in the last few years. While the average day for a digital marketer may differ from one day to the next, the tasks usually revolve around the services we provide our clients for the digital transformation of their business, namely digital marketing strategy and coaching, website design (static and eCommerce), website maintenance, content marketing and SEO.


What does your day-to-day routine usually look like?

1. Wake up at 6:00 am Having a good night's sleep and not having to commute to work make a huge difference in your lifestyle. 3. Fix breakfast and get my coffee After cooking for the day, I enjoy a cup of coffee with my fiancée. 4. Decide on the day's goals and schedule my work We generally set goals together so that we work towards a common vision. 5. Proofread and prepare my marketing content for the day Having my message (my pitch) right at the start of the day is important. Then, I prepare my marketing content for the day – social media content, emails, blog posts, etc. I start from scratch for every day, meaning I do nothing more than post an article on my site, or tweet or post on Facebook. 6. Set some goals for the day Most people have different performance goals in mind.


The day of a digital marketer

Digital marketing is all about making our brands as recognizable as possible through effective and varied techniques. To do that, we have to constantly be on our toes and look for new ways to integrate new mediums and methods into our marketing mix. We need to be completely aware of what our clients need and how best we can cater to it. If you spend time each day to do nothing more than visit different social media sites, follow leads on Google, and watch short video clips on YouTube, you might feel you are running a full-time digital marketing business. However, just being online and able to respond to all those requests for updates and information takes a lot of work and can get rather tiring.


The importance of social media

As a marketer, I can attest that social media has become a must for every business and to succeed. The social media channels have changed and are evolving very rapidly, a stark contrast to the blogging world. As of today, Facebook and Instagram has become the go-to platforms for brand awareness, customer retention, and brand and product engagement. Facebook and Instagram ads have been getting better over time, but I think it’s safe to say that for better or for worse, social media has taken over the role of television, cinema and newspapers in the marketing ecosystem. There’s little doubt that as a marketer, you must be active on social media channels for marketing purposes, but here’s the trick: The social media channel is not just another marketing channel.


What is your biggest challenge?

When we first started out as digital marketing consultants, our biggest challenge was getting clients. A friend of mine at the time introduced us to her great-grandson who was running a blog. We used a website builder and made a website for the blog and created some other websites for other small businesses. This allowed us to connect with people who didn’t know about our consulting services, because a lot of these people only read blogs and social media feeds. Later, we created a blog on WordPress.com that is now a great source of traffic and business. We also have two Facebook pages: One for our digital marketing consultancy and one that is for our SEO and content marketing firm.


Your role in the digital business world

In order to be a digital marketer, you’ll need to undergo a certification process before you can start doing work for your client’s brand. Many of the leading eCommerce companies like Amazon, BHG, CB and many others require their employees to have this degree in order to function in the company. You’ll usually be assigned the first task of the day after a brief update of the day’s activities and staff requests. This could be creating content for a website, organizing various messages and newsletters for the client or working on SEO for the website to get traffic and to increase conversions.


Lessons learned from your experience as a digital marketer and what you want to share with your readers

Day-to-day life of a digital marketer The biggest challenge that comes with this kind of profession is separating your private life from your professional life. This professional life is all about the constant connection to digital tools, with the personal use of your time being significantly reduced. As you can imagine, life outside of the office is not easy. While this profession is flexible and has other career options, many of us who are active in the field make a living from it. This implies working up to late hours and also taking care of the family. Digital marketing is indeed a tough job. It demands a lot of discipline, creativity and you have to constantly work on your skills and abilities.



As with any job, the main things to keep in mind are your professional brand and ethical codes. Ensure that you are always setting the right example and remain on the top of your game. Use your time to invest in your professional brand as it will be one of the things you will always be remembered by.


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