Daily uses of computer in our life


People use the computer at home for distance learning, e-commerce, music, movies, and much more. It is almost unimaginable to have a home without a computer.


Computers are used in hospitals to create a database of patients with their treatment and medicine records. Doctors also use computers to diagnose the diseases of patients faster, research hospitals, blood tests, and urine tests.


We use computers in schools and colleges all around the world. Computer technologies are important to teach students digitally and creatively with data visualization. In a classroom, students used computers to explore their creativity and imagination. Many colleges and universities are offering online degree programs. Given the COVID-19 emergency across the world, most of the education is happening online with the help of computers and educational technologies.


Computers and the Internet have changed the way people have been doing business. Now it has become easier to bring an idea to life and start a business. Computers have made it easier to run, manage, and grow business. Google, Facebook, and Amazon are great examples of that.


Banks use computers daily to deliver services in a faster and precise manner. They use a computer to store customer data, process money deposit, and withdrawal requests. Machines help banks in reducing infrastructure costs and improve efficiency.


Computers and computation have become very cheap and affordable over the last two decades. In addition to that, machine learning and AI have made huge progress in terms of better learning algorithms. Computers, combined with the availability of data and machine learning algorithms, have enabled automation and cognitive computer very feasible. As a result, we are seeing more and more work on autonomous vehicles, drones, virtual assistants and chatbots, etc.

People use the computer at home for distance learning, e-commerce, music, movies, and much more


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