Dangerous symptoms: What heralds a heart attack

It is important to closely monitor your health and understand how the main symptoms of dangerous diseases are expressed.


"The main symptom of a heart attack is pain behind the sternum of a pressing, compressive nature, sometimes extending into the left arm.


There are different localizations of a heart attack - anterior, posterior. Lower infarcts sometimes manifest as heartburn. A person thinks he just has digestive problems. Sometimes dyspnea comes first. But more often, there will still be pain, which may extend into the left side of the body - the neck, the arm. In addition to pain, the symptoms may include: pale skin, dizziness, tachycardia, panic and fear, fainting or pre-fainting state, speech and coordination disorders. It is very important to call an ambulance as soon as pain appears behind the sternum. Do not wait until the last moment," explains the highest category anesthesiologist-resuscitator, candidate of medical sciences Yulia Sergeevna Kroshkina.


Harbingers of heart attack

There are diseases, which are called the precursors of myocardial infarction. This was told by a physician, Nadezhda Chernyshova, writes Moscow 24.


The main harbinger is arterial hypertension. Thus, those suffering from high blood pressure risk of heart attack and stroke is many times higher than in healthy people. People with this problem should constantly with the help of medication maintain a normal blood pressure.


Another disease that directly leads to a heart attack is coronary heart disease. The expert explains that the vessels that feed the heart are clogged with atherosclerotic plaques. A perfectly healthy person does not have a heart attack all of a sudden - before that, there are episodes of pain in the heart, which are noticeable on the ECG.


The therapist called a healthy lifestyle the best non-medicinal prevention of heart attacks.


She also noted that the risk of heart attack depends 20% on genetic predisposition, 30% on timely and qualified medical care and another 50% on a healthy lifestyle (sports, diet, sleep and rest, and lack of stress).


An unusual symptom

D. in medicine, Anna Korenevich, told about unusual symptoms of heart attack. This is reported by the "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".


According to the doctor, after 45 years of age, heart attack can be signaled by pain in the abdomen, so if you have symptoms, you should undergo an examination of the cardiovascular system.


"If there is any problem in the chest, you should always start with a cardiogram. It's cheap, affordable," said Anna Korenovich.


Often abdominal pain is indicative of an inferior heart attack. Sometimes patients are mistakenly operated on for appendicitis, and then it turns out to be a heart attack.


What's the pain like?

Earlier, medics described the kind of pain a patient experiences shortly before a heart attack. Chest pain can be a harbinger of this disease, so it should not be ignored, according to the website of the British Heart Foundation.


If pain in the chest occurs suddenly and becomes stronger, spreads to the arms, back, neck, or jaw, as well as if you feel a general worsening of health and shortness of breath, doctors recommend seeking immediate specialized care.


If chest pain is felt differently, its cause may be angina pectoris, indigestion or muscle strain. 


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